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Universal Principles
Various spiritual principles underlie the natural world. One example is that of waves. The world cannot be understood completely without understanding the existence and activity of waves of varying frequencies – light waves, sound waves, and many others.
Spiritually, too, waves (“ups and downs”) are necessary for growth to occur. The present is never still but always changing in accordance with a universal spiritual principle that growth occurs in waves.
There are also nodes. Nodes are points where challenges and changes occur, and, just as nodes strengthen a bamboo stem, nodes in people’s lives are opportunities to increase their spiritual wisdom. By recognizing these universal principles, people can develop deep spiritual understanding that promotes their personal development.
Sometimes it is easy to practice the universal principles, but sometimes even people who want to live in harmony with their innate spirituality encounter situations where they do not know how to apply the universal principles. For example, people may find themselves in a job or relationship that makes them unhappy or which hinders them from accomplishing their goals. Should one exercise patience and acceptance, or should one leave? Such choices can be very difficult, and one never knows what might have happened if one made a different choice.
All choices are opportunities to grow spiritually, for they allow people to reflect, learn, and discern. People who have had much experience of practicing the universal principles recognize that they always apply in daily life, and that sometimes people have been placed in complex situations to help them deepen their understanding of these principles.
By studying and practicing the universal principles, people can gradually find purpose and meaning in their experiences, including the difficulties that they encounter. They can learn how to gradually transmute their lives into ones of increasing joy and help others to find happiness, too.
When these tools for spiritual growth are practiced together with experiencing light energy, people can more quickly attain personal growth and help make the world a better place.