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A fundamental desire of people everywhere is to be happy—to enjoy good health, harmonious relationships, and true prosperity.
Medical doctors know that illness and disease can be manifestations of an imbalance or disturbance at the molecular, cellular, and, even deeper, the genetic level. Sukyo Mahikari shows that imbalances can exist at a level even deeper than the physical or mental levels, namely, at the spiritual level.
There is a universal principle that the universe is constantly being cleansed, enabling everything in the natural world, including human beings, to return to a naturally healthy state. In nature, examples of phenomena that have a cleansing function include the sun’s heat, rain, wind, and snow. In people, for example, perspiration serves to cleanse the body of accumulated impurities.
Because there is a close interconnection between spirit, mind, and body, when people or anything in the environment receives light, this spiritual energy will purify the mind and body as well. In addition to physical cleansing phenomena, then, imbalances at the spiritual level, step by step, can gradually be rectified and balance restored, by receiving light.
As light is a purifying spiritual energy, after receiving it, a person may experience some form of cleansing on the physical or emotional level. These are positive phenomena, indicating that a natural purifying effect is taking place.
Receiving light is not a substitute for medical examinations and treatment. Sukyo Mahikari advises people that it is necessary to receive medical advice and take appropriate medical care of themselves and their families.
Many medical doctors experience receiving light and learn how to give this purifying energy to their patients. Seminars for Sukyo Mahikari members who work in the medical profession are held around the world on incorporating this spiritual practice synergistically into the practice of medicine.
It is important for people to keep their mind and body fit and healthy. It is also valuable to keep our spirit pure and healthy by receiving light on a regular basis, in order to cleanse ourselves at the spiritual level. In this way, Sukyo Mahikari is a practical way to help people attain true health at the deepest level and to improve their sense of well-being and their life in general.