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Responsibilities as a Member
There is a monthly membership offering, currently $7 per month for adults and $3 for students and children in the North American centers. Additional offerings are made, including those to cover the maintenance of the center, the maintenance of the regional headquarters, building loans, and so on.
Sukyo Mahikari describes universal principles rather than rules, and it is up to members to decide for themselves how to apply them. Although regularly practicing the universal principles and light energy can lead to immeasurable benefits, there are no requirements concerning the amount of time a person has to devote to the practice. Even with sincere desire for personal improvement, true growth occurs step by step.
When people practice Sukyo Mahikari, they do not give up their personal independence or responsibility. Indeed, the opposite is the case since Sukyo Mahikari clearly states that it is important to balance efforts at personal growth, commitments to family, to other people, and to one’s vocation. Nor is it appropriate to focus entirely on giving light without taking time for study, exercise, or rest. Such commitments are also important parts of growing personally and spiritually.
People are free to leave Sukyo Mahikari at any time.