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The Earth's Environment
Both human beings and the environment must flourish together in harmony—and they can. It is a time when both small, individual, local decisions as well as larger institutional, scientific, and governmental decisions must be made with a view toward the whole earth system, so that the young people of today will have a positive, healthy future. There is hope, but action by everyone is urgent.
Physical actions people are taking to conserve the earth’s resources are to “reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair” as much as possible. Spiritually, the universal principles emphasize sharing and generosity, kind and loving attitudes toward every human being as brother and sister, and appreciation for all living beings and all materials. With this kind of spiritual orientation, conservation elevates from the realm of a negative feeling of having to “sacrifice,” to one of positive moderation, and having desires and ways of living that are more modest physically but richer in the personal satisfaction of having all that is really needed, both materially and in interpersonal and spiritual connections.
Larger actions for the earth that go beyond the individual are made in the community, scientific, and international arenas. People who practice Sukyo Mahikari are active in environmental projects in their communities, in academically researching innovative, environmentally sound methods of doing business, and in speaking in and sponsoring international forums.
For those who garden or farm the earth, compost and other organic farming principles have been shown to revitalize the physical aspect of soil. Further, light purifies and revitalizes the spiritual energy of the soil.