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Sukyo Mahikari in Daily Life
Light can be radiated to anything – food, animals, plants, homes, workplaces, cars, and so on. By purifying their surroundings with this energy, many people notice that their surroundings become more pleasant and often appear brighter.
This helps everyone around them gradually become more connected with their spirituality and to start to think more about how to live in harmony with their fellow human beings and the environment.
There is now hardly an area of human endeavor which is not affected by the discussion on what it means to be a human on planet earth at this time. Having a more spiritual outlook in society does not mean that the present-day material society will suddenly come to an end or be abandoned. Rather, the fundamental attitude affecting the way people relate to each other and nature and how they use the earth’s resources will change, reflecting a deepened spirituality that is currently transforming human consciousness, values, and behavior.
As people revitalize their innate spirituality and spiritual wisdom, it will help them to find solutions to the many problems facing humankind. Sukyo Mahikari can support and quicken this process.