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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is a Sukyo Mahikari center called a center for spiritual development?
Sukyo Mahikari centers are places where people can come to receive light and learn about positive spiritual practices. Centers provide a quiet and pleasant environment where people can learn how to improve their lives and help others to improve theirs.
Is Sukyo Mahikari a religion?
Although in many countries Sukyo Mahikari is registered as a nonprofit religious organization, the principles learned here are common to most religions, and encompass all the universal truths of people’s relationship with God. This practice is a direct experience of spiritual energy and is open to everyone without regard to religion.
Where does the light come from?
It is a universal life force from a high dimension, often referred to as God.
Will I feel or see the light energy?
Not usually. Some people do have a heightened sensitivity to the light and have seen or felt it, but this is not the purpose. Most people simply notice how receiving light affects various aspects of their lives.
Does light heal illness?
No. As the light purifies the spiritual aspect of human beings, positive effects can occur on many different levels. However, the purpose of the practice is for spiritual development.
Is Sukyo Mahikari like other spiritual practices or energy work?
It is not for us to compare Sukyo Mahikari with any other practice or spiritual path.
Does a person have to give up his or her religion?
No. Many people with religious faith come to the center to enhance their experience of spirituality.
Do I have to believe in God to receive light?
No, you do not need to believe in God in order to receive light or benefit from this practice.
Is Sukyo Mahikari a cult?
No. Members and guests are never coerced into any activity. When people practice Sukyo Mahikari, they do not give up their personal independence or responsibility. Indeed, the opposite is the case since Sukyo Mahikari clearly states that it is important to balance efforts at personal growth, commitments to family, to other people, and to one’s vocation. Nor is it appropriate to focus entirely on giving Light without taking time for study, exercise, or rest. Such commitments are also important parts of growing personally and spiritually. People are free to leave Sukyo Mahikari at any time.
Does the practice of Sukyo Mahikari solve particular problems?
The spiritual aspect of people's "problems" lies deep in the core of the problem, a place they don't usually look at and in fact don't usually see. How a person views and approaches a problem can improve or worsen the situation. If a person develops a better understanding of the universal principles that are at work in their lives, and finds their way to more positive thoughts and actions in difficult situations through steady practice over time, he or she will be likely to achieve better outcomes. In that way, the effectiveness of Sukyo Mahikari depends on each individual. This practice helps and, through the light, supports people to improve their thoughts and actions.
Why is receiving light regularly more than one time recommended?
People grow in a step-by-step process. If a tree grew to its full height from a seed in one day, it wouldn't have the roots to give it a strong foundation. Receiving light regularly over time encourages that steady, step-by-step growth.
How often should people go to the center?
Everyone is free to determine the frequency that is appropriate to his or her own circumstances.
Can I read more about the divine principles?
Yes. These can be read in Sukyo Mahikari publications and are provided by lecture in the courses and study classes.
Does Sukyo Mahikari believe in reincarnation?
Yes. This is a complex subject, discussed in the primary course. If you would like to know more about this subject, please read the book God's Light and Universal Principles.
I enjoyed receiving light but then I read negative information about Sukyo Mahikari on the Internet. Is it true?
The Internet allows everyone to post any information, whether it is true or not. That being said, as an organization, Sukyo Mahikari has a short history, starting in Japan in 1959, but it grew fast. Problems that occurred early on, caused by differences of language and culture, have been used as opportunities to bring about improvements in the organization. As a result people on every continent are now experiencing the great positive value intrinsic in this path.
Do members of Sukyo Mahikari stop having problems?
No. Every human being is on earth to be tested and trained so they can grow. And to grow, people need experiences which are both good and bad. This practice for spiritual development helps all people approach solutions in a more positive way.
How can these practices change the world?
Changing the world starts from within each person. The great spiritual truth is that when people change themselves, they change the world around them.