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Families and Education
Children can start receiving light from the earliest years of their life. When children receive light, they can flourish and grow into young people who are naturally cheerful, kind, and sincere.
It is one of the universal principles that parents and children are connected to one another by invisible spiritual cords. No matter where their children may be, parents always think and worry about their children's welfare. Families are the first place people learn about being cared for and caring for others, sharing and generosity, and showing appreciation to those who are closest to them.
Also, Sukyo Mahikari teaches that the condition of children often depends on their parents and teachers. Therefore, when parents receive light, they become better able to be directed from their inner sense of values, to be good examples for their children, and to encourage their children to develop a spiritual understanding of their true nature.
If children are to be encouraged to develop a spiritual understanding of their true nature and their responsibilities as members of society, it is important for parents and teachers to first strive for their own spiritual growth. Through their own efforts at personal growth, parents and teachers can, in a natural way, become people who improve society well into the future by radiating a positive and nurturing vibration that can help young people feel more secure, confident, and joyful.
Sukyo Mahikari does not administer any schools or institutions of higher education. However, it organizes regular seminars for those working in the teaching profession, from nursery school to university level, at many places throughout the world. These seminars provide opportunities for teachers to share their practices and ideas for how they might be more effective as teachers, through the example they set as role models for children and young people. These seminars also provide an opportunity to discuss how those in the teaching profession, as in all fields, can bring a more spiritual outlook to their profession.