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Giving Light at Community Festivals in Maryland
Members of the Washington, DC Center have a wonderful time giving Light at community festivals in the area. On October 8 and 9, 2011, we participated in Karmafest at Sinking Spring Farm in Elkton, Maryland.
Karmafest is an annual festival where various alternative health organizations, metaphysical organizations, and spiritual organizations advertise and display their goods and services. One of our center's members was working at the event as a technician and was able to arrange a tent in which we could give Light to people attending the event.
Even though we never had more than three people available to give Light at a time, we were particularly grateful to Su God that we were able to give Light to over seventy-five people over the weekend. Su God was able to make the most use of our small numbers by giving us a constant flow of receivers throughout the entire festival. What made this more remarkable was that the second day of the festival had so few attendees that during the course of the day visitors never outnumbered the vendors, who were the people displaying goods and services at the event. Sunday was our busiest day. Since the vendors had little to do, many of them came to receive Light from us.
This event was a particular blessing for some of our new members who volunteered to give Light at the festival. It was a great opportunity for all the members to learn about outreach, provide service, and have spiritual experiences.
Later in the month, early on the first crisp autumn morning in Maryland, Sunday, October 23, eleven members went to offer Light to visitors at the 8th Annual Fall Harvest Festival in Greenbelt, Maryland.

The leisurely weekend atmosphere of colorful changing leaves, live folk music, local artisan crafts, and weekly farmers' market activities brought out the curiosity of many from surrounding neighborhoods to enjoy a day at the festival with family and friends.
One man who stopped by and received Light before going to work was smiling, cheerful, and grateful as he left for his job at nearby NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration.)
Many receivers of Light that day left us their email addresses so that we can invite them to our upcoming introductory lecture and open house at our new center location in January.
In all, we were allowed to offer Light to thirty-six people that short day, making the total of our overall Light-giving and expansion efforts for the month of October one hundred and eight!
We thank Su God for these experiences that have allowed us to have a deeper understanding of the power of the Light and a better understanding of how to conduct expansion activities. Everyone is enthusiastic to go to more expansion activities to give Light, such as the Greenman Festival in the spring and the yearly Fairy Festival in Pennsylvania, where we have given Light in the past.
We Washington DC members are resolute in our determination to take every opportunity to nurture God-centered souls and become a jun dojo as soon as possible. From the bottom of our hearts we wish to resonate with Su God's will and to welcome Oshienushisama back to the North American region and to visit Washington DC as soon as possible.
We thank Su God for giving us opportunities to expand the Light and teachings in the greater Washington DC area!

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