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Spiritual Development Course in Colorado
Up until this year, the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado had approximately fifteen members peppered throughout the state. With a distance between the members of anywhere from one to three hours in drive time (depending on the season and snowfall), a certain set of challenges existed for all of them. However, after enduring much difficulty and training (including feelings of being overwhelmed by many of the members), on September 25, 2011, in front of a family Goshintai in Parker, Colorado, just outside Denver, a spiritual development course was held, and five bright, happy people received their Omitamas and took their next step to bringing the Light and teachings to their family and friends. One of the new members had decided two years earlier to take the course, waiting for it to come to Colorado. Another new member has a brother in Pasadena, California, who had become a practitioner of Sukyo Mahikari thirty years ago. He along with his friend had witnessed a miracle when their friend, who was on the very edge of death, regained his health after receiving Light.
A common motivation among the five new members is the desire to help others. This includes a spunky ten-year-old from Aspen, Colorado. Another new member was first introduced to Sukyo Mahikari by a member working in a store in Hawaii. She was very moved when this member made the effort to follow up with her, driving two hours to give her Light.
The course was held under the auspices of the Phoenix center, which is the nearest center at about a thousand miles away and which is part of the Los Angeles center. Special thanks go out to all the local members in Colorado, for without their love, support, and willingness to work together; and without their perseverance, this course would not have been possible.
The members meet in each others' homes once a month in addition to having the opportunity to participate in the family thanksgiving ceremony each month. Guests are welcome and can contact the Phoenix center for details. It is the unified goal of the members in Colorado to have a local center as soon as they can.

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