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New York Offers "Talks on Sustainability" for the Business Community
The Business Group of the New York center held its second public panel Wednesday evening, September 21, titled "Sustainability: Talks for the Business Community." The purpose was to continue introducing Sukyo Mahikari as a positive organization contributing to the business community of New York and to provide information about how businesses can increase their environment-friendliness.
A Climate Week NYC Event
The New York center carried out this program as part of Climate Week NYC, an annual program, which is always held during the opening week of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Climate Week NYC is an annual summit of high-level meetings between the world's leading businesses and governments and an exciting array of public events, all focused on driving a "clean industrial revolution." Business, government, NGO, and thought leaders come together to call for a "Clean Revolution," one that ensures growth, creates jobs, and secures clean energy access for millions of people worldwide.
In just two years, Climate Week NYC has become a key moment on the international climate change calendar. Now in its third year, Climate Week NYC brings together The Climate Group, Carbon Disclosure Project, China Center, PlaNYC, the United Nations Global Impact, the UN Foundation, The City of New York, The New York Academy of Sciences, TckTckTck and an array of international business, government, non-profit and thought-leaders to call for urgent action against climate change.
The New York Sukyo Mahikari center has participated in Climate Week NYC since it began, attending the opening invocation and participating in a high-level consultation of world religious leaders in 2009, organizing a panel presentation at the center in 2010, and this year presenting a well-received panel of talks on sustainability for the business community on Wednesday September 21, and screening a film "Journey of the Universe" on Friday, September 23.
At the business panel, four business, academic, and environmental experts spoke on different aspects of sustainability:
First was Parul Jain, PhD, professor of economics and finance at Baruch College and founder and chief investment strategist at Macrofin Analytics. Dr. Jain spoke about key issues in sustainable economics, presented data and strategies on evaluating resources, and discussed pressures on the path to sustainability.

The second speaker was Don Schepers, professor of business management at Baruch College and director of the Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity. His center very recently launched the Baruch Index of Corporate Political Giving. He described the process of determining corporate political giving by corporations and the companies' openness in letting the public know who they are giving money to.
Frank Morris, founder of Ecologic Advisors, followed with a talk about his company's Earth IndexTM, a multi-sector index of fifty public companies that provide solutions to environmental pollution.
The fourth speaker was Jonathan Bramen, vice-president of Portfolio Solutions Group at Bright Power, Inc., a company providing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green building solutions for building owners, both residential and commercial. Mr. Bramen engaged the audience with questions about our own energy-efficiency practices and beliefs, and gave a talk about a case study of an affordable housing project he is consulting on where saving energy is being incorporated as well as creating jobs.
As a result of being posted on the Climate Week NYC website, where their press contact labeled this as a "fascinating presentation" and "one event that is at the top of our Climate Week to-do lists," we received a great deal of interest from the public, including people who had flown in from London, Seoul, and around the US to participate in Climate Week NYC events. Our public meeting space was packed with about 90 participants, who enjoyed a lively question and answer session after the talks, with refreshments and informal conversations afterward.

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