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Washington DC Opens Doors to Its New Location
The Washington DC Sukyo Mahikari center opened the doors to its new center location at 4479 Connecticut Avenue, NW, at a special re-inauguration ceremony on September 25, 2011.
Though the center's previous location was well situated, the rent was constantly being increased and that was not allowing us to save for a place of our own. Over the years since Sukyo Mahikari began in the Washington DC area in the 1980s, expansion has taken place. We are giving Light to hundreds of people at various community fairs, and there are now twelve open houses in the homes of members in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The number of Goshintais, including the center's Goshintai, has increased from two to seven.
The center moved to several different locations over the years, but it was decided by the membership that we want to ultimately be able to purchase our own building in the Washington DC area. To do this, we needed to decrease our expenses. Amazingly we were able to find a bright upper-floor office space with windows on three sides of the building that fulfilled all our needs as a Sukyo Mahikari center. While it is only about 60 percent as large as our previous space, the rent is quite a bit smaller, also.
The greater part of the construction build-out has been done by our members, and the "re-building" of our center in this new location has brought us closer together. As we worked harmoniously together to get our center ready for the scheduled re-inauguration, we not only enjoyed one another's company, but we also overcame foreseen and unforeseen complications with enthusiasm, and marveled at the skills of our many members. So many of us have talents and abilities we never knew. In this era when crises are occurring one after another in quick succession we now realize how self-sufficient we can be as a Sukyo Mahikari family.

While the new center is not as spacious as our previous location, the unity and harmony we experienced during the preparations to make this a Sukyo Mahikari center filled with spiritual energy, as we were guided in the New Year's message, is a wonderful foundation for our service of welcoming the community to experience this special practice of God's Light and the divine principles, which are the foundation for a world filled with peace.
The re-inauguration ceremony, led by our center director was attended by over 150 members and guests. The director of our parent center in New York gave inspirational words of greeting and encouragement and the transmission of Oshienushisama's September teaching.
The new center is just a mile north of the previous location in the Van Ness area, which is home to the University of the District of Columbia, and it is still easily accessible by subway, bus, and car, and it's easier to park in our new area, too. We hope that members from other centers throughout the North American region and world will come to visit our new center!

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