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Youth Corner Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group Summer Regional Training 2011
In conjunction with the North American Region 37th Anniversary Ceremony on August 7 2011, the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group was also allowed to hold their Summer Regional Training. Starting on Friday August 5, 42 members from New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Montreal, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Torrance, Pasadena, Phoenix, Washington D.C., and Hawaii, as well as one youth group member from the Australia-Oceania region, gathered together at the North American Regional Headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita.
The theme for this summer's training was "Emergency Preparation," as well as a continuation of the spring training's theme, "Young People, Cultivate Honesty." On Friday, youth group members received a lecture from the regional director regarding these two aspects. He emphasized Oshienushisama's teachings about the importance of being honest with yourself as well as others, and preparing spiritually for emergencies by diligently practicing the ten points. Afterward, the regional coordinator for the youth group introduced the objectives for the training, which were:
  • Being prepared for emergency situations
  • Offering gratitude
  • Teamwork (uniting as a whole)
We simulated a disaster situation during the training, where youth group members did not experience normal, everyday comforts. Running water was not available, and members had to hike a mile each day to collect a five-gallon jug of water to share among their group. Meals consisted of MRE bars (emergency ready-to-eat rations), and instead of sleeping bags and pillows, members used an emergency foil thermal blanket or sleeping bag to sleep in. An emergency preparation class was led by staff and youth group members from the Hawaii center, to emphasize the importance of getting ready spiritually, mentally, as well as physically.
On Saturday, youth group members received a lecture from the assistant regional director on the topic of "Pure Love." Afterwards, we discussed how to cultivate a sense of pure love for God, ourselves, and those we care about.

After their second hike to collect water rations, members participated in a "survival competition" to showcase their skills and what they had learned so far during the training. Games included making their own toilets, purifying water, opening cans without a can opener, starting a fire, and a four-legged race around the parking lot. Other activities that day included classes on the art of True Light and guiding people, marching drills, and practicing the Amatsu Norigoto prayer as well as the Prayer of Praise to God.
On the day of the regional anniversary ceremony, youth group members offered cleaning service in preparation for the ceremony, and were also allowed to offer service as prayer leaders. After the anniversary ceremony, a Promotion Ceremony was held to welcome 11 new youth group members.
Although more physically strenuous than previous trainings, youth group members were able to genuinely unite and support each other throughout the weekend. We were able to cultivate gratitude for the food we were allowed to receive, and learned to use the small amounts of water we had preciously and efficiently. It was a wonderful opportunity for the youth to push themselves and really see what they were capable of.
As pioneers for the spirit-centered civilization, we offer sincere gratitude for all the support we have been allowed to receive, and will continue to strive to meet and exceed the expectations of Oshienushisama and all humankind.

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