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Southern California Eco-festival Sponsored by Sukyo Mahikari
On June 25, 2011, the Los Angeles center organized a "4Rs Summer Ecofest." The 4Rs is a concept developed by Dr. Wangari Maathai, the first environmentalist to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The 4Rs stand for reducing, reusing, repairing, and recycling our material resources. We planned the 4Rs Summer Ecofest to introduce local environmental programs, causes, and other eco-friendly practices to the community, with the goal to enable community members to practice the 4Rs in ways that are easy, fun, and sustainable.
Additionally, the eco-festival served to inaugurate the completion of the first phase of the sustainable landscaping project at regional headquarters. The Mayor of Rancho Santa Margarita, Mr. Anthony L. Beall, also made an appearance by offering a speech and presenting the North American regional director with a certificate recognizing Sukyo Mahikari's contribution to the community by helping to raise environmental awareness. The Mayor spoke of the city's efforts to practice the 4Rs, specifically mentioning a city project to replace electrical street name signs with signs that use reflective lighting and therefore do not require electricity.
Approximately 200 people visited the eco-festival, which featured 15 exhibitors who showcased their environmental businesses, causes, or products. One exhibitor arrived in a 24-foot truck to collect and recycle unwanted electronics.
Additionally, several interfaith organizations attended and expressed a mutual interest to work together with Sukyo Mahikari to promote environmental awareness. A food truck from a vendor who specializes in the sale of sustainable seafood parked and sold food and drinks to the festival participants.

Several bands played live music. The event also featured an "eco fun zone" for kids, which consisted of a bounce house, popcorn machine, face painting, and a wide variety of arts and crafts related to the 4Rs theme. The Los Angeles center director gave a lecture and light energy demonstration for guests, and about 20 guests received Light.
The eco-festival helped to introduce Sukyo Mahikari to the community and many like-minded organizations. After the festival, members of the Los Angeles center plan to work with the electronics recycling company by offering our parking lot as a community drop-off site for recyclable materials on a regular basis. We will also participate in monthly meetings with local interfaith organizations and work closely with the city of Rancho Santa Margarita by getting more involved with community service.

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