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New York Youth Group Cleans Up Coney Island!
The New York Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group had a lot of fun doing community service on Saturday, July 16, doing a beach cleanup at Coney Island.
It was a wonderful day, because, in addition to cleaning up one of our beautiful beach areas, many bonds were formed. Seven youth group members, including three new youth group members, participated, and they were able to form bonds with the youth group and solidify friendships. In addition, a number youth who are not in the youth group also participated, giving us all an opportunity to work together, make friendships, and have fun together in this youth group event. Other members, including parents and a center staff member participated in the all-day activity. One member came with a group of her family and friends. In total, there were about twenty people participating.
It was fun to work with everyone picking up the trash on the beach, working hard under the sun with big white bags. After the cleanup, we had plenty of time to relax and enjoy ourselves with sports and swimming and burying ourselves in the sand.
Many people asked us who we were, and were moved by what we had done. We were able to speak with a representative of a church group, who was impressed by what we do. He gave us his information and said his church would like to work with us.
We are grateful for the support and recognition that we receive from our center director and the members of the New York center. We are planning more opportunities to be out in our communities, to contribute, learn, and bond. We will continue to do service, and pray to expand the youth group.

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