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First Intermediate Course in Canada
From July 29 to 31, we were permitted to hold the first Intermediate course in Canada at the Vancouver center. The lecturer was Dr. Andris Tebecis, adviser to the Australia-Oceania region. 26 members from Canada and 2 members from the United States were allowed to elevate their Omitama.
The history of planning for this first intermediate course in Canada began in October 2008, when the staff and support staff in Canada discussed a three-year plan for Canada and set several goals, including holding the first intermediate course in Canada in 2011. We set the goal of holding an intermediate course in Canada as the final event of the three-year plan to show our spiritual growth.
28 candidates and 60 reviewers completed this first intermediate course in Canada. All the participants were so proud to be allowed to participate in this historical event of Sukyo Mahikari in Canada. Before the lecture began, the assistant regional director offered a greeting to the representative of Oshienushisama, saying that, as the very first intermediate course in Canada, this would be a new beginning for Sukyo Mahikari in Canada.
On the first day of the intermediate course, one of the reviewers had a wonderful experience. During the lecture, at a time when the lecturer was speaking about the holy masters, the member saw a golden aura around the lecturer. He also was allowed to see a golden figure next to the lecturer. The member couldn't see the figure's face, but from the outline of the figure he felt that it was Sukuinushisama. He felt that these experiences were showing him that the holy masters were present and active in guiding the representative of Oshienushisama.

For some members in Canada, a country of huge distances, it is not easy to participate in the intermediate course given at regional headquarters in California because of travel costs, and for some in Canada there is a need to obtain a visa. Everyone in Canada was so grateful to receive this intermediate course in their country, and all the participants listened to the teachings very seriously.
On the third day, 28 candidates were allowed to receive elevated Omitama. For one of the members, this came after thirty years.
At the closing prayer for all activities of the intermediate course, the director of the Montreal center said that our next aim should be to hold the next intermediate course in Canada in three years. He said that the center that increases in membership the most in 3years can make the decision of where we hold next intermediate course. All the participants made a new resolution to achieve this new three-year plan for Canada.
We had never held such a big event in Canada, and we had wondered if we would be able to hold this intermediate course successfully. However, thanks to everyone's great efforts and God's protection, we were allowed to hold this intermediate course very smoothly.
All the members and staff in Canada would like to offer sincere gratitude to Su God, Sukuinushisama, Seishusama, and Oshienushisama for being allowed to hold the first intermediate course in Canada. We resolve to make greater effort to spread the Light and teachings in Canada and to hold Canada's second Intermediate course even one day sooner.

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