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North American Region Scholars Group Holds Public Conference: "Greening Your Life"
The regional scholars group met in May at the New York center, together with our regional director, assistant regional director, and the assistant San Francisco director who is the staff member for the group.
We discussed our activities as kamikumite professionals in our fields and heard presentations by several members about how they view the divine principles as operating in their area of expertise.
We studied the 2011 New Year's message with our regional director, and we held further discussions about how we can aim to be useful to God in what we do.
One of our goals has been to hold professional-level conferences for the public to share our understandings as professionals in society who are practitioners of Sukyo Mahikari. So, we were pleased this year to organize a public conference on Saturday afternoon on the theme: Greening Your Life: Shaping a Better Future through Consciousness and Actions.
Katsuhide Kitatani gave a global perspective on the topic, based on his current work to support women in need in poor countries around the world.
James MacLellan spoke on spirituality and ethics in business, providing practical suggestions for people in the business world to incorporate spirituality and ethics into their daily lives at work.
Paul Hepperly discussed spirituality in agriculture and our food choices, sharing much new information from his international experience.
Roger Beck moderated the panel of speakers and a lively discussion afterwards. The conference was well attended, and several of the guests were interested in staying to receive Light, and returned for future visits to receive Light again.
We were encouraged by the positive experience and will hold the same conference in San Francisco's Union Square center in August.
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