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International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine Conference
From June 24 through June 26, 11 members from Colorado, 1 member from Washington DC, 2 members from Los Angeles and 1 member from Phoenix were permitted the opportunity to represent Sukyo Mahikari as exhibitors at the International Society for Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) conference in the Westminster area of Denver. ISSSEEM is an interdisciplinary organization that addresses the medical and therapeutic applications of subtle energies.
The society holds an annual conference in which it invites presenters, exhibitors, and participants to share information as well as to give demonstrations on different aspects of subtle energy. This year's conference theme was "Light, Vision, and Consciousness," and the conference website said: "LIGHT in the triad theme ensures a spectrum of potential, from light at the quantum level to the healing effects of light and color to the mystical aspects of the light of awareness.... And there is just no way to speak about light and vision without also discussing CONSCIOUSNESS, the primary reality that encompasses both . . . and so much more." We described our practice of positive light energy as an "unparalleled subtle energy" that, together with personal efforts to change, helps people raise the frequency and vibration of their consciousness.
We set up a booth on which the Sukyo Mahikari banner was displayed as well as a banner entitled "The Difference of Positive Light Energy," which showed photographs of an orange and a papaya before and after receiving light energy. Our booth also displayed posters which showed the principle of the two wheels of the cart, as well as three mounted posters displaying the themes of "Universal Principles," "Divine Light," and "Spiritual Development Courses." Members gave out cards that had been specially created for this event that explained about our practice in terms of subtle energy and gave contact information. We also displayed a copy of the second edition of the God's Light book.

The Sukyo Mahikari booth was in the corner of the large exhibitor hall, and so even though the space was limited, it was possible to set up chairs for giving Light next to our booth all the way to the wall. Had we been given a middle booth we would not have had very much room for giving Light. We received permission to set up our booth in this way and so we were able to have seven sets of chairs.
There were many leading figures in the field of energy, spirituality, and consciousness in attendance at the conference, including Rickie Byars Beckwith and Michael Beckwith, well-known for their work with the spiritual organization Agape, which is based in Los Angeles, as well as for Michael Beckwith's work on the popular film The Secret. Dr. Bruce Lipton and the celebrated physicist Amrit Goswami also participated, as well as many other like-minded individuals. There were over 500 participants at this conference, and many of these individuals received light energy and information about our practice at the Sukyo Mahikari booth, and virtually all of them had positive experiences receiving Light.
Sukyo Mahikari was introduced to at least six of the ten core presenters at the conference, as well as at least two of the program planning committee members and at least two individuals on the board of directors of ISSSEEM, including the CEO of ISSSEEM and the co-editor of the ISSSEEM publication Bridges magazine. We also introduced Sukyo Mahikari to an individual who hosts an Internet radio show. Several of these individuals received Light at the conference.
One of our members received the wonderful arrangement to have a photograph accepted by the juried art exhibition which was part of the ISSSEEM conference. The image, which was called "The Hand of Light Within," was placed on a website that referred to Sukyo Mahikari as a practice of spiritual light energy and positive thought, word, and action and which listed the Sukyo Mahikari website for anyone who was interested. This photograph was also chosen to be included in the conference brochure that was handed out to all the participants. The photograph was displayed at the conference in a gallery with other paintings and artwork as well as given as a gift to all the presenters and many other individuals associated with ISSSEEM. The editor of the ISSSEEM publication Bridges magazine asked if they could use the image for a cover of their magazine.
We gave Light to the booth and each of the chairs before the first day of conference and at the end of the first and second days of the conference. Many conference attendees commented on the bright energy that they felt coming from our corner of the exhibition hall. When several of our chairs were missing at the beginning of the first and second days of the Conference, another exhibitor, not knowing that the chairs had received Light before the event, commented that this might be because the chairs had so much "light" that they were moved to another location so that the light could be shared with others.
We were able to give Light to more than 140 people over the course of the three days. Many of the guests received 50 minutes of True Light. Most expressed feeling remarkable changes, so much so that they came back to receive Light on subsequent days of the conference and brought their friends telling them, "You have to experience this!" Experiences ranged from feeling calmer and more relaxed to the movement of energy within their bodies.
Additionally, many people were interested in obtaining a copy of the God's Light book at our booth. We also provided the conference presenters with the God's Light book as a gift. There was great synergy among the members who attended. Some of us would go out to talk with the other exhibitors nearby and to conference participants who were walking the halls. They handed out brochures describing Sukyo Mahikari and invited them to our booth. At the same time, others of us would go off in a different direction to meet other people. This worked well and created a continuous flow of eager interested souls at our booth.
We had as many as eight givers of Light at a time packed into our tiny area, and by the time some of us were trying to leave Sunday at 4 pm to catch our flights, a line had formed and we didn't have enough hands available to give Light to all the people who were waiting.
We often talked to visitors about the universal principles as well as the Light energy, the two wheels of the cart. We invited people to leave their contact information in order to follow up with people in the future.
We received many incredible arrangements that helped facilitate our efforts in spreading the Light and teachings at this conference. While walking around the exhibit hall, one of us noticed an individual by the coffee area who had a very bright smile. Intuitively, this member felt that this was a good person to introduce to Sukyo Mahikari. She handed him a card and invited him to come to our booth. He did come by later and had a very positive experience receiving the light. It turns out he was on the program planning committee for ISSSEEM and was the individual who was responsible for introducing one of our members on the third day of the conference to give a ten-minute talk to participants at a lunch session. We provided a brief history of Sukyo Mahikari and of the divine plan, examples of practicing the principle of the two wheels of the cart and the principle of spirit-first, mind next, body follows, and examples of the power of Light energy.
Another wonderful arrangement was meeting two scientists whose area of research is the laboratory documentation of the effects of subtle energy. Recently, several members at the Torrance Center have made efforts to do experiments that show the effects of light energy on food and plants. Although experiments of this sort have been done many times before it has been hard to document the effects of Light in a laboratory setting and in a way that is in keeping with rigorous scientific protocol. One member met these two scientists quite by accident in the lobby of the hotel where the conference was being held. She was having difficulty connecting to the Internet on a computer and asked two people at a table behind her if they knew how to get online. She started talking to these individuals, telling them about our practice and about the difficulty of measuring and documenting light energy. They told her that this sort of documentation is what their research is all about. One of the scientists had just given a presentation at the conference on the importance of gratitude. He expressed an interest in meeting our center director and in talking about setting up an experiment to document the effects of light energy. Both of these scientists are affiliated with academic institutions in southern California and they invited our organization to attend a conference on the subject of subtle energy that was going to be held the following month at their Institute.
Later in the conference, both of these scientists came to the Sukyo Mahikari booth and received Light. The senior scientist came back the following day as well and received Light again, noting that every time he came to our booth the music being played in the corner of the hall was the very music he listened to every day and that he particularly loved and that the discomfort he felt in the lower part of his body had completely disappeared after he received Light.
Another very interesting arrangement was that our booth was located next to the booth of an energy healer who had a display set up in front of his table that showed the energy fields or aura that were created by the subtle energy work being done in the booth. This energy healer recognized the profound effects of the light energy that Sukyo Mahikari practitioners were offering at our booth. At one point, he invited Sukyo Mahikari members to give Light to someone in his booth. One member gave the energy healer Number Eight while he was lying on the table and had his hand on the machine hooked up to the video screen. The video screen monitor showed an amazing display of colored light as he received Number Eight and clouds of white light that moved over his entire body as he received oshizumari. A member took a cell phone photograph of this, and a video recording was made of these incredible visual effects as well.
Many of the conference attendees who came to receive Light are from Colorado, and we were able to give many of these individuals cards with contact information for the local Colorado members. Members from other parts of the country were also able to make connections with exhibitors and participants who live in other locations in North America and around the world.
To be able to give God's light for nearly three days to so many people was truly a blessed experience. We were all so moved by the many arrangements and the high level of interest so many people expressed. It was wonderful talking with the participants at this conference because they were so open to the Light and universal principles and they have a deep understanding of the spirit, mind, and body connection. It was also wonderful to offer service with the local Colorado members. They all worked together very enthusiastically, and, without a local center, they seemed to especially enjoy offering service with members from all over the country.
We all look forward to building upon this experience and expanding the Light and teachings with the relationships that were cultivated at this conference.

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