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First Spiritual Development Course in Oregon!
On June 26, 2011, we were permitted to hold the very first spiritual development course in Oregon state. Four people were permitted to receive Omitama.
There are approximately twenty Sukyo Mahikari members living in Oregon and southwest Washington State. Most are members of the Seattle Jun Dojo. Last year, staff invited the members in Oregon to work toward holding their first ever spiritual development course. They were thrilled at the prospect. It has been some years since there had been a Goshintai in Oregon, after a member who had a home Goshintai moved away.
In preparation for the course, Oregon members were asked to make spiritual preparations for the course in order to elevate their own spiritual level. For example, they set goals for Light-giving, for reading teachings, and for the number of people they intended to guide. The aim for the course was to nurture candidates who could become core members for a future center in Oregon. To assist in their spiritual elevation, staff members visited almost every month for studies on Light-giving and the teachings.
Some of the candidates live an hour and a half from Portland, where most of the Oregon members reside. So for several years, the members in Portland have made great efforts to travel to Eugene, Oregon, the second largest city in the state and home to major universities, such as the University of Oregon, at least once a month to give Light and nurture the many guests keen to receive Light.

The course was held in the Willow Room at the Marylhust University, a beautiful venue that seemed appropriate for Goshintai to be enshrined in. Everything during the course seemed to run so smoothly that it was hard to believe that this was the first time a course had been held in this state. Great enthusiasm and unity in service to God came from the Portland members. In addition, there were members from six other states and as far away as Washington DC who came to offer service and support the course. The new members really appreciated the opportunity to talk to and learn from the senior members who attended.
As if it were a sign of encouragement for the members' efforts to hold the course, during the lunch break on the third day, above the venue was a rainbow halo around the sun. The sun resembled the chon inside a circle. Furthermore, when the course photograph was taken of the new members in front of the holy altar, there was a distinct glow seen around the Goshintai.
Although the course has already come and gone like a dream, the Oregon members are already planning to host a spiritual development course next year.
Everyone is very grateful to Su God, Sukuinushisama, Seishusama, and Oshienushisama for being permitted to hold this historic spiritual event in Oregon.

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