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Fired Up: Giving Light to 342 People at Community Events in the Washington DC Area
The Washington DC Center recently participated in inspiring community events that vividly demonstrated the beauty and power of God's Light.
Greenbelt, Maryland
On Mother's Day weekend, members gave Light at the Green Man Festival in Greenbelt, Maryland. The event is an annual celebration of the city's commitment to preserve the local environment. During the festival, families from all walks of life enjoyed the energetic and joyous atmosphere of the festival, which included Celtic music, crafts, food and demonstrations of "green" living.
The atmosphere was open, accepting, and fun, and, with 10 members on Saturday and 5 on Sunday, we were able to give Light to 82 people. Over 50% of the receivers were from the local Greenbelt community, and they cheerfully took pamphlets, cards, and information on local and upcoming Light circles in the Maryland area.
One of the members gave Light to a journalist from, a national and local website that covers activities in local communities. She received Light and took a couple of photos for the website. She left our booth indicating that receiving Light had been a very positive experience for her.
Members gave Light in love and harmony to passersby, surrounding vendors and even the two organizers of the event. While some expressed skepticism, almost all who visited our booth were attracted by the Light energy and compelled beyond their understanding to stop, ask questions, receive information and pamphlets, and in numerous cases receive Light.

One vendor has since visited the center to receive Light. She also expressed the intention to attend our Light circle in McLean, Virginia. Another man was so happy that he encouraged his two sisters to attend our Light circle in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
On May 14 and 15, we gave Light at the Maryland Faerie Festival in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Along with faerie folklore, the festival promotes harmonious stewardship of nature, outdoor education, and respect for all beings. This was our third year at the event.
On Saturday, May 14, there were 6 members on site who were able to give Light to 23 people. On Sunday, 9 members gave Light to 54 people. As with the Green Man Festival, there were many people who had moving experiences when they received Light. We gave Light to a weekend total of 77 receivers! We were really fired up for our next event!
Cockeysville, Maryland
We gave Light the following weekend at Karmafest 2011, which was held at Oregon Ridge Park in Cockeysville, Maryland. Karmafest is an annual festival that focuses on spiritual and holistic practices, particularly yoga.
Over two days, we gave Light to 183 people, an unforgettable experience for those who supported the event! Both members and receivers were allowed to have many miraculous and inspiring experiences.
During the first day of the festival, one of the members was busy organizing the booth when she heard a voice behind her say, "What's this?" She turned around, and was surprised to see a boy. She said, "It's the Light energy. Would you like to experience it?" He agreed and received Light to his main soul.
When they finished, the boy looked as if he had enjoyed the experience very much, and he bowed to the member as he bade farewell. A little while later, another young boy came to the booth and asked if he could receive Light. He was the brother of the first boy, who had told him about the Light. Expansion already!
Throughout the festival, we were immersed in giving Light to one person after another, almost nonstop from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. We were amazed by how people were so receptive to the Light and how grateful they were even after receiving just a few minutes of Light.
Some people told us that they felt heat around their foreheads; another one said she saw beautiful colors while receiving. A gentleman had a great experience with the Light and immediately asked if we could give an introductory lecture to his meet-up group of about 4,000, with 40 members regularly meeting.
We received so much Light through giving it and had so much energy at the end of each day, even after long hours of giving Light. We were full of gratitude to be allowed to give Light to so many people. Some members gave Light to as many as 30 to 40 people a day. It was truly a joyful event.
Our feelings of joy and gratitude to Su God have lasted well beyond the festivals and have recharged us with enthusiasm to make more efforts to expand the Light and teachings in the Washington, DC area. We will be forever grateful to Su God for these magnificent experiences!

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