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Idaho Has Its First Spiritual Development Course!
It all started when a member moved from Los Angeles to Boise, Idaho . It is not widely known, but Boise is a progressive college town and is the hub for jazz and the arts in that geographic area.
The member in Idaho asked her friend, a member who lives in Reno, Nevada, and is coordinator of the Sukyo Mahikari satellite center in Reno to come to give a lecture in Boise in August 2008. Two introductory lectures were arranged, one in a spiritual bookstore and the second in a spiritual center.
Another member from the group near Reno (337 miles from Boise) as well as five members from Portland, Oregon (430 miles from Boise) came to Boise to support the lectures. Dedicated to God, and with great determination, we all prayed to be allowed to spread the Light and teachings of God. Everyone who came to the lectures received Light, and on April 28 to May 1, the first-ever primary spiritual development course was held in the state of Idaho, carried out by the San Francisco center. Five people became members in this course.
The three days of the course were held in the Idaho member's house, in Caldwell a suburb of Boise. Interestingly, four of the people who supported the primary course (one staff assistant, one youth group member, the resident who pioneered nurturing candidates there, and the Reno coordinator) are all classmates of the same primary course, which they took together in 1994!
Staff members from San Francisco drove from San Francisco to Reno and then accompanied the satellite center coordinator's family Goshintai from there to Boise. Driving from a relatively warm climate of Reno, they were surprise to encounter snowfall on the way to Boise, as the group drove through the mountain passes.
Staff and members of the San Francisco center, as the parent center for Nevada and Idaho, are all looking forward to supporting the new members and are committed to the further expansion of the Light and teachings in Idaho.

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