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New York Youth Group Spring Tree-Planting
On Saturday, April 2, New York Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group members continued their long-standing connection with MillionTreesNYC by joining in the tree planting activity at Martin Luther King Park in Brooklyn. This year, the tree-planting activity was held in conjunction with Green Apple Corps, a public service program of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. Four youth group members and one staff member participated.
The tree-planting activity was great! It was on a beautiful day, and we were able to plant six trees. The holes were already dug for us but we still had much more to do. We had to make each hole perfect so it wasn't too deep or too shallow so the tree wouldn't rot. Then we took the tree out of the plastic pot it was in. Before we could put the tree in, we had to loosen the roots and dirt so the tree could grow correctly. Then we put the tree in and put mulch on top of it to absorb water and help protect the tree.
After that, we fenced the tree to protect it from harmful animals and young children.

There was a school participating and a few other regular volunteers. We were able to give Light to the tree-planting area. In addition, we were able to spread Light to people as well. One of our members was able to give Light to a MillionTreesNYC staff member who was wearing a knee brace, recovering from a torn ligament.
We were reawakened to how much youth should take the lead in doing service for the community and how much we always have fun doing it! Our experience with doing community service activities is that they not only do good for the community but also are wonderful times for our youth to interact with other youth in the city and spread the Light and teachings. With just with a little bit of courage, we realized that spreading the Light is possible!

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