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Sukyo Mahikari Partnership with Ends
Sukyo Mahikari has partnered with in climate awareness activities for the public since 2009, when centers across the region carried out successful environmental awareness programs in their communities. More such actions were carried out by Sukyo Mahikari centers in 2010 for the notable 10/10/10 education and awareness activities on October 10.
2011 finds merging with another organization and becoming "the new 350." The direction of "the new 350" has changed from education and awareness-building to political action. Oshienushisama has given guidance that Sukyo Mahikari should not get involved with political activities. Therefore, Sukyo Mahikari will no longer be a partner with in 2011 and thereafter.
Thank you for all your wonderful efforts to support climate awareness activities in the past two years. Your efforts have helped the environment, introduced many new people to our centers and to the Light, and made the name of our organization more widely known as a contributing member of our communities.
Regional headquarters will continue to support center activities that bring awareness of environmental issues to our communities and volunteer service in environmental activities such as eco-fests and clean-ups in our communities. Let's build on the experiences we have had so far and continue our efforts to offer service in our communities!

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