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2011 Regional Health Group Seminar
The North American Regional Health Group Seminar for 2011 was held at the Union Square Center in San Francisco on February 19 and 20.

The principal theme was "How to become a God-centered health care practitioner." The sub-theme was "Promoting the mission of karamara."

The regional staff member for the health group provided a study class on the significance of participating in regional events like this seminar and gave us additional guidance and insight on the practice of the art of True Light.

We received more guidance from the assistant regional director on "How to become a God-centered health care practitioner" and "Promoting the mission of karamara" with a study class on Oshienushisama's 2011 New Year's message. Participants were encouraged
to "fill our empty vessels with spiritual essence" by purifying our hearts and souls in order to harmonize with the will of God and to promote a way of life that is centered on spiritual values. We were encouraged to review guidance from Sukuinushisama on how to become true yokoshi, people of radiant Light, which can be found in issue #17 of the North American Sukyo Mahikari Journal.
The participants were also reminded that in order to serve God, it is necessary to maintain and, if need be, improve the quality of our health. In order to do this, it is necessary to remove the toxic substances that have entered our spiritual cells (a challenging task) and consume healthy foods as much as possible. We were encouraged to cultivate our ability to offer true, God-centered prayers.
Together, we discussed a variety of challenges facing Western medicine, which is currently material-centered and thus sometimes a source of unhappy influences on our souls. We resolved to elevate our individual and collective spiritual levels through consistent service, the practice of gratitude, and keeping in contact with the Light of God by participating in regional activities, monthly ceremonies, and primary courses.
As professionals, we will also interact with like-minded other professionals when possible. To help guide us in this regard, we composed the following Regional Health Group Prayer:
     In this year of karamara, thank you for allowing us to serve you as health care providers. Please guide our every thought, word, and deed as we carry out our mission in the North American Region. We resolve to infuse the healthcare system with Divine Light and Principles, thus igniting the fire of God-centeredness in health care.
It was an inspiring seminar for all, and we look forward to the next health group seminar which will be held April 28-29, 2012 at the New York Sho Dojo. If you are in the health care field, please receive nurturing as a kamikumite and health care professional by joining the health group. Ask the staff at your center to contact regional headquarters for more information.

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