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Sales and Publications Corner: February 2011
We are pleased to announce the availability of several new books that you may be interested in.
Toward a World of Love and Harmony; Inspirational Teachings of Kotama Okada

A compilation of Sukuinushisama's teachings taken from the Sukyo Mahikari International Journal. (English)
First Yoko Agriculture Research Conference (2008) booklet.

Second Yoko Agriculture Research Conference (2009) booklet

Speeches and experiences from conferences on yoko agriculture held in Suza (English)
Sumision A Dios: Volumen 2 de Las Tres Virtudes del Yokoshi

Translation of Acceptance of the Will of God (Spanish)
Jovenes Que Brillan con la Luz de Dios: Ensenanzas de Sukyo Mahikari para los Jovenes

Translation of Youth Who Shine with the Light of God (Spanish)





Toward A World Of Love And Harmony (English)





First Yoko Agriculture Research Conference (English)

Second Yoko Agriculture Research Conference  (English)





Sumision A Dios  (Spanish)



Jovenes Que Brillan Con La Luz De Dios (Spanish)


Kagayakeru Sukyo Mahikari 50 Nenshi (The Brilliant 50-Year History of Sukyo Mahikari) Japanese. Item #1500. Price $65.00

This book covers the period from Sukuinushisama's birth until the 50th anniversary of Sukyo Mahikari. While the text is in Japanese, this large-format book contains many full-color photographs from the 50th Anniversary Autumn Grand Ceremony.
Please order any of these items through your center's Sales and Publications department. Add 7% shipping cost plus applicable sales tax, if any.

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