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Youth Corner: Regional Coordinators Training
The Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group coordinators training was held at the North American Regional Headquarters January 22 and 23. Twenty coordinators attended, from Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Florida, Hawaii, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Pasadena, Phoenix, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Seattle, Torrance, and Washington DC.

Participating youth group coordinators had been given 6 items to practice before the training,
including reading the 51st Anniversary Ceremony teaching and offering service every day. They participated after accumulating these practices.
During the training, the coordinators were allowed to listen to a passionate lecture by Regional Director of the Youth Group Fujisaki on the teachings given by Oshienushisama at the 51st Anniversary Autumn Grand Ceremony and the 40th Anniversary Procession of Light regarding the missions of the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group.
In addition, time was devoted to mastering the marching drills and reaffirming their understanding of why they practice marching drills. This is obviously not a military drill but a comprehensive training of the spirit, mind, and body based on the will of the first president of the youth group, Sukuinushisama. The youth build their foundation from this practice of unification. During the training, these role-bearers, the coordinators, responded crisply to each given command, and were shining brilliantly in the Light.
As spiritual training, the participants recited the Amatsu Norigoto prayer for one hour. The coordinators and staff were united and recited the prayer with all their might, resulting in some youth members having tears well up in their eyes. By chanting with intensity this prayer that has such power to purify everything, one could feel something extraordinary, and everyone had a wonderful sense of achievement.
On the final day of the training, each youth group member shared his or her resolutions for the future. Some shared their desire to have an all-Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group intermediate course in the North American region, like the advanced course held in Japan for Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group members last year.
The coordinators completed this training with renewed passion and the sincere desire for the further development of their centers and the entire North American region. We hope to nurture each youth member to reach his or her full potential as a Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group member. We humbly ask for your continued support and encouragement for the education of our youth.

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