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Los Angeles Centers Join Heal the Bay Beach Clean-up
On Saturday, August 21, members of the Torrance, Pasadena, and Los Angeles centers joined with an organization called Heal the Bay to clean up Will Rogers State Beach and Temescal Canyon in Pacific Palisades, California. Heal the Bay works to recover Santa Monica Bay and all of southern California's coastal environment. Heal the Bay holds "Nothin' But Sand" clean-ups once a month, rotating throughout the year among Los Angeles County's dirtiest beaches (based on bacteria in
Prayer to Begin
the ocean water).

This beach happened to be relatively free of trash. We really had to search hard for things to pick up. But we were told that even the small pieces of plastic drifting into the water can choke the fish and that by picking up even the smallest pieces of trash we were making a big difference. Every bit counts! This information made members think of how we can create great damage or hurt in others by
Picking Up Trash
even the smallest of unkind comments or actions. Yet we can also create great feelings of joy and well-being in others by our little actions of gratitude toward others or by offering people a few encouraging words.

We joined many other community service organizations to help pick up the tiny pieces of trash on the beach. We also gave Light energy to purify the area.
Picking Up Trash
It was very refreshing to have lunch together and dip our feet in the cool ocean, too!
Spiritual Purification

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