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Light-Giving at EcoFest 2010
On July 10, members of the L.A. area centers participated in the Venice EcoFest 2010 held in Venice Beach, California. Many members from all three centers gathered at this event to offer Light to people, hand out organic seeds and biodegradable pots with organic soil, as well as to explain about the one-pot method and the importance of using positive words. We gave almost 300 people Light. One member alone offered over 30 people Light.
We had two booths in a row, and they were frequently filled with guests receiving Light. The booth next to ours was occupied by a Sukyo Mahikari member who entertained children at the fair with his singing performances. He directed people over to our two booths.

It rained toward the end of the event, but this allowed even more guests to come under our canopies and receive Light. Everyone worked
quickly and in harmony to gather our materials and bring them out of the rain. Then we felt God's blessing when we were graced with sunlight and a beautiful rainbow that stretched over all three of the booths, the two Sukyo Mahikari booths and the adjacent booth of the performing member. From our vantage point, it seemed that the rainbow spanned just the length of our three booths. We all felt God's encouragement when we saw the rainbow.

As Venice Beach is a popular international tourist location, we gave many people Light who were visiting Los Angeles from other states and other countries, including Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Canada, France, India, and countries in South America. We also gave Light to guests who lived in the locations of all three of our centers. Many of these guests had wonderful experiences such as experiencing the Light and being very relaxed afterwards.

Many of the guests who came to our booth had received Light at other festival events we had participated in and remembered us with positive feelings. One lady had recently received the Light for the first time at Worldfest, our last earth fair, and found out that we were going to be at the Venice Ecofest. She came 15 miles from Reseda, California, to receive Light from us again at this

Many other guests enjoyed learning about the one-pot method and planted seeds to take home. Several of these guests had planted seeds last year at our booth and told us how well their plants were growing. Many people were impressed with the dahlias we displayed on our table that had been brought from one of the members' organic garden. The flowers
were enormous. Each one was almost the size of a volleyball, and we used them to show the effects of Light on plants.
Our group was given time at the sound stage and was able to offer a short presentation on the effects of positive words on plants, water, and people and an explanation of the one-pot method.
It was a day full of harmony, positive energy, and goodwill expanding the Light and teachings to many people. Together we made a great step toward the goal of introducing Sukyo Mahikari to the community.

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