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1st Yoko Agriculture Conference Proceedings
In 2008 and 2009, the Yoko Civilization Research Institute held the 1st and 2nd Yoko Agriculture conferences as a part of the Institute's research projects aimed at establishing and promoting yoko agriculture. The conferences were both co-sponsored by the Yoko Farm of Sukyo Mahikari World Headquarters.
Now the proceedings of the 1st conference have been published and are available for purchase through the Sales and Publications Departments at all centers.
The Institute's staff visited farms where yoko agriculture is practiced and conducted interviews with farmers on how they are converting from conventional agriculture to yoko agriculture and the achievements and challenges they experience.
The introduction to the proceedings says: "In this historic first yoko agriculture research conference, we reported the findings of our investigations, summarized themes for further research, heard reports, and discussed the subject of 'practicing the divine principles and yoko agriculture.'"
A special feature of the 1st Yoko Agriculture conference proceedings is the keynote speech by Mr. Masayuki Nakagawa, formerly the director of the Yoko Farm at Nyukawa, Japan. His insights into nature and human beings as well as his many experiences provide an unmatchable source of information about yoko farming that will serve as a reference article for everyone striving to practice the deepest principles of yoko farming.
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