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NAR Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group Newsletter July 2010
Thank you very much for your continued support and understanding of the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group activities and education of the youth. We would like to share with you our current youth group activities.
This is a truly significant and pivotal year for the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group, when the 40th Anniversary Procession of Light will be held at Suza in November. The Procession of Light is allowed once every ten years, when God and our Spiritual Masters radiate Light to each youth group member and observe their spiritual growth.
In order to offer the results of their true spiritual elevation on the occasion of the Procession of Light, each youth group member submitted a written resolution to Oshienushisama at the beginning of this year. Specifically, they established goals in each of these categories:
     1. Guiding others
     2. Giving Light
     3. Studying the teachings
     4. Resolutions to put the teachings into practice each day.
Facing the challenges of guiding others, we believe that youth group members will be allowed to have great spiritual elevation by practicing active compensation, nurturing fervent faith through prayer and practice, and deepening their spirit of service by taking care of other people.
To fulfill their promises to the spiritual masters, youth group members are reading their resolutions out loud every day, and gradually their efforts have borne fruit. The youth group members have been allowed to guide 16 people so far this year as follows:
     Los Angeles 3, Torrance 1, Phoenix 1, Cincinnati 1, Chicago 2, Detroit 2,
     Washington DC 2, Florida 1, Puerto Rico 3: a total of 16 people
We strongly believe that this is thanks to our spiritual masters' guidance and protection, and that it reflects their tremendous expectation and encouragement.
The North American Region Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group members will continue to make efforts to read their resolutions out loud every day, to keep the spiritual masters in their hearts and minds, and to continue their practice. We would like to cordially ask for your continued warm support and encouragement. In the future, we hope to share some of their experience stories.
Thank you very much.
Regional Shido-doshi, Makoto Terada

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