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2010 Yōkō Farm Training
At the time of the great transition of the 50th Autumn Grand Ceremony, Oshienushisama explained about Sukuinushisama's vision for the twenty-first century as a holy century in which the kingdom of God, a heaven on earth, would become a reality. Oshienushisama guided that we have a golden opportunity to make serious efforts to promote yōkō agriculture. The vision is for human beings to achieve harmonious union with nature and for joyful collaboration between God and human beings. This year's motto in the New Year's teaching is: Let us be of service by promoting yōkō agriculture.
To deepen this prayer and to materialize it, the North American region is sponsoring a yōkō farm training for all members and their families, including members of the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group.
During Labor Day weekend, the Washington, D.C. Center will host an introductory yōkō farm training for all members and their children at the Robertson family's organic farm in Martinsburg, West Virginia. This 2 1/2 day training (September 4 - 6) will include opportunities to:
  • Unite with God and nature
  • Attend study classes and practice the art of True Light
  • Make progress toward changing your innermost attitude
  • Learn about growing and preparing safe and healthful food
  • Enjoy eating yōkō and organic cuisine
  • Meet people from other centers
Applications to attend the training, a sign-up sheet, and a general information flyer have been sent to all centers in the region. Applications and the non-refundable registration fee are due to the Washington, D.C. Center by July 15. Each center should submit a separate application for each participant and ensure that all individuals (or their guardians) sign the "Informed Consent and Release" on page 2 of the application.
General information about the training follows. If you have any questions or need more information, please ask your center director to contact the regional representative for the training.
Thank you for supporting yōkō agriculture in North America. Let's work together to restore the environment as well as develop a safe and pure food supply for future generations.
Thank you very much.

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