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Seattle's Yoko Garden
Spring has sprung in Seattle! Preparations have already begun in what is affectionately called the Rainy City, although we have been blessed with unusually mild weather this year. The plant beds in the yoko garden at the center have been dug mixed with our very own "secret" recipe for fresh compost.

Led by the support staff member responsible for center landscaping and the yoko garden, and
assisted by members and youth group members, a variety of vegetables have already been planted, including burdock, carrots, lettuce greens, and so much more! Our garden looks great, and we look forward to this year's bountiful harvest!

Around the property, we also have many beautiful cherry trees which have been standing for over twenty years! Last year, to
help protect against bugs and diseases, we arranged a consultation with a professional arborist, who recommended fertilizer and nutrients that the trees were lacking. He told us that the grasses around the trees were potentially devouring nutrients where the trees needed them and therefore, all grasses had to be pulled around the trees, leaving only soil surrounding the tree base. Members banded to together to keep the soil weed-free. We also
gave words of encouragement to the trees to help them thrive as much as possible, and now the trees are getting ready to sprout beautiful blossoms.

To follow words that Oshienushisama said in his 2010 New Year's message, the Seattle Sukyo Mahikari members are actively trying to practice yoko agriculture at the center and at home. Knowing this is so important in helping to
establish a God-centered civilization, we would like to join everyone in the region to actively show our gratitude for all the blessings that God and Nature has provided us!
Thank you very much!

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