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First Spiritual Development Course in the New Pre-Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!
Expansion is thriving in Canada! On March 26-28, primary spiritual development course number 2010.3.5 was held in Edmonton, Alberta.

This was not the first spiritual development course in Edmonton. The first was back in 1990. We were able to hold a handful of courses until the early 2000's. Then there was a long dry spell until 2008. Then we were able to hold a spiritual development course in 2008, one in 2009, and this one in March 2010.
The course was given by one of our assistant North American regional directors, who presented the teachings with incredible depth, insight, and intensity. The director of the Vancouver center was present, and gave number 8 to the reviewers during the course.

Throughout the three days of the course, the participants were attentive and interested. On March 28, we welcomed six new members, who began giving Light to friends and family when they returned to their homes. There was one observer, and approximately 35 reviewers.
Edmonton Sukyo Mahikari members moved from our previous location, which was not yet an official center, to the present location in June 2009. Since then, Edmonton has become an official pre-center. We are currently working toward the goal of staffing the centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as our next step toward applying for a Goshintai. This was the first primary spiritual development course held within the new Edmonton pre-center.

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