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Indiana Celebrates Its First Spiritual Development Course
The Indiana members of Sukyo Mahikari would like to express our deepest gratitude to Su God, Sukuinushisama, Seishusama, and Oshienushisama for being able to celebrate a primary spiritual development course at the residence of a member in Lafayette, Indiana, on February 26, 27, and 28 of 2010. We are awed by the miracles God has been performing in our area.

Lafayette, Indiana, is about an hour northwest
of Indianapolis. Sukyo Mahikari expansion began in Lafayette when a member from Indianapolis began working at a Japanese and American joint automotive manufacturing plant here in 1993. Within a few months, the first members from the Lafayette area were allowed to take the primary spiritual development course in Chicago and Cincinnati. Since that time, several staff members have come to the Lafayette area to give Light and guidance, and more than thirty people from the Greater Lafayette area have completed the spiritual development course.
A local family was allowed to enshrine a Goshintai, and soon thereafter was encouraged to prepare for holding a spiritual development course. Due to the wonderful spiritual arrangements that we were permitted to receive, a sufficient number of candidates desired to take the course, and it was successfully carried out at the end of February. We were also grateful that the second day of the course fell on the 109th anniversary of the birth of Sukuinushisama into the physical world.
We are very grateful that Sukyo Mahikari staff members traveled to Lafayette specifically for the purpose of the enshrinement of the Goshintai and soon thereafter for the accomplishment of the spiritual development course. It has all been too good to be true!
The candidates really enjoyed the presentation of the course. They have been active since completing the course, and some have begun to cultivate candidates for the next course that we are preparing to host in May.
We remain in awe that we have now completed a local spiritual development course and hope to do so again many times more. Some of our members hope to soon apply for the intermediate and advanced spiritual development courses. There are also two young members from Lafayette who have begun making preparations to participate in the Procession of Light in Takayama this year.
We currently have open houses for Light in the Lafayette area at the home where the Goshintai is enshrined, on Tuesdays from 6p-9p and Sundays from 9a-12 noon, and at another member's home on Wednesdays from 6p-9p. We also support our "parent" Cincinnati center, including participating in the monthly thanksgiving ceremonies, harmonization prayers, all-day Light-giving service, and overnight security service there, as well as other missions in which we are permitted to serve.
We hope, pray, and are confident that God will permit us to succeed in all missions that He desires for us.

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