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Announcement of the Commemorative April 2010 Issue of the English-language Sukyo Mahikari Journal-Extra Copies Are Now Available!
North American Regional Headquarters is pleased to announce that we are being allowed to release No. 93, the April 2010 special issue.
In this issue we have been allowed to publish full-page color photographs of Seishusama and Oshienushisama, as well as the very important teaching from this year's Spring Grand Ceremony concerning the momentous announcement that we have entered into the first year of the Light-centered era. Without a doubt, this is a very important commemorative issue that highlights this first year of Light-centeredness.
Understanding that many members may wish to purchase more than one copy of this special English-language journal issue, North American Regional Headquarters is arranging to print 2000 copies, which is twice the usual number. We would like to insure that each and every family will be able to have one copy.
Reading, carrying with you, and promoting the journal has a profound effect on your own spiritual development, as well as, in a mysterious way, having a very positive effect for expansion. Please make sure you get one! Contact the Sales and Publications Committee at your center for details on how to purchase it.
We ask for your cooperation so that as many possible people will be allowed to receive and study this very special commemorative journal issue, with the prayer that we will be able to further expand the teachings and Light all throughout our region and the entire world.
Thank you very much.

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