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New Book - Acceptance of the Will of God - Is Now Available for Purchase!
We are pleased to inform you that the 2nd volume of The Three Virtues for Yokoshi, "Acceptance of the Will of God" is now available!

This book completes the series of books on The Three Virtues for Yokoshi. These three volumes form a collection of basic teachings that are invaluable in our spiritual practice.

Each of the three books can be ordered through the Sales and Publications coordinator at your center. Please note the item number and price below.

    Item#     Title
    2210     Gratitude(vol. 1)
    2211     Acceptance of the Will of God (vol. 2)
    2212     Humility (vol. 3)
The purchase cost for each volume is the book price of $7.00 + 7% shipping and handling = $7.49 total. California members, please add 8.75% sales tax = $8.15 total.

Enjoy savoring these precious teachings!

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