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NAR Youth Group Coordinators' Conference
The Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group Coordinators' Conference was held at the North American Regional Headquarters for two days, on January 2 and 3, 2010. Representatives gathered from each center, with a total of 19 participants.

The purpose of this conference was that all youth group coordinators make a firm resolution toward the Procession of Light which will be held in November 2010, on the occasion
of the Autumn Grand Ceremony. The Procession of Light is an opportunity for God and our spiritual masters to observe the results of the spiritual growth of the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group. The youth group of the North American region would like to do our utmost to offer the results of our spiritual elevation to God and our spiritual masters.

In order to offer our results, the coordinators decided that the region's youth groups will
focus on putting the following three items into practice. We wrote unified resolutions to Oshienushisama:

  1. To guide one person or more
  2. To diligently practice the art of True Light
  3. To study the teachings

For these practices, each youth group member is setting his or her own specific numerical goals and has begun to put them into practice.
In particular, we believe that the first practice, "guiding others," which may involve taking care of friends, going to give Light, and sharing teachings and experiences, is a considerable practice which will help the youth group members to grow spiritually. We would like to sincerely ask everyone in the region for your encouragement and support.

At the beginning of the Coordinators' Conference, we were allowed to receive a
lecture from the regional director of the Sukyo Mahikari Youth group (homen-shirei), Mr. Masaaki Fujisaki. He taught us the importance of reviewing the past teachings for the youth and accumulating the practices recommended by Oshienushisama in them.

From the staff in charge of the Sukyo Mahikari Youth group (shido-doshis) we were allowed to receive lectures on "the importance of guiding others," "promoting the practice of the art of
True Light," and "how to respond to the will of our holy masters." The youth group coordinators then discussed how to put these themes into practice. Finally, all the coordinators made firm resolutions to change themselves and offer their results by the time of the Procession of Light no matter what.

We would like to offer our sincere prayer that despite this economically difficult time, even one more youth be allowed to participate in
the 2010 Procession of Light in front of Oshienushisama at Suza (the World Shrine).

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