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Letter from the Regional Director: Sukyo Mahikari Donates to Haiti Relief
It is just one month since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, so close to our region. There have been many experiences of miraculous protection, while at the same time so many lives were lost; and the suffering continues. I am sure that we are all offering prayers and helping as we can.
I would like to inform you that, with the permission of Oshienushisama, North American Regional Headquarters of Sukyo Mahikari has made a donation to aid the relief efforts in Haiti on behalf of all North American kamikumite. We sincerely hope that this will play a part in helping the people in Haiti be able to make a new beginning. Let us continue to offer our prayers for all of those who have suffered in this and other disasters that are occurring worldwide.
Let us also continue to be proactive in our practice of the art of True Light and the divine principles so that we may be able to purify our area and the rest of the world as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your continued devotion and service.

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