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Procession of Light
On November 3, 2010, the 51st anniversary Autumn Grand Ceremony of Sukyo Mahikari and the Procession of Light marking the 40th anniversary of the youth group were held successfully at Suza, the World Shrine, in Takayama, Japan. Tens of thousands of members from around the world were allowed to participate in this historic event, including 69 representatives of the North American Region's Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group and Junior Youth Group.
A typhoon moved toward Japan at the end of October. It is quite unusual for a typhoon to strike Japan at this time of the year. The typhoon was predicted to make landfall in the Kanto area, which is where Tokyo is located, and move northward. Thus, there was much concern over whether all the members' planes would be able to land. However, on October 30, during the advanced course, just before the rest of the tours arrived, the Japan Meteorological Society announced that the typhoon had bypassed the Kanto region surrounding the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Tokai region in central Japan without making landfall. Thus, everyone was able to arrive successfully. We were filled with a sense of God's great love as we began the tour.
Before we arrived at Suza, we visited other holy sites, such as Motomitamaza, where the holy objects are prepared, and Hikaru Shinden (the shrine of Light for Sukuinushisama) on sacred Mount Kurai.
Then, on November 2, we youth group members and staff went to Suza to participate in the rehearsal for the Procession of Light. The rehearsal continued all day, from morning until night. The wait was long outside and the weather was cloudy and cold, but the face of each youth group member was filled with joy and excitement.
After all our prayers and efforts, November 3, the morning of the actual Procession of Light, arrived. At the beginning of 2010, the North American region youth group members had each submitted a written resolution to Oshienushisama and had continued their practice even at that moment. They were eagerly waiting for this time of the procession, when Oshienushisama would look into their soul and observe their spiritual growth. While waiting outside, the weather was again cloudy. In the morning, it seemed that there might even be rain.
However, as we heard the words, "Oshienushisama has appeared on stage," quite suddenly the sun began to shine brilliantly.
Renewing their understanding of the holiness of Oshienushisama, the youth group members marched enthusiastically through the middle of the main hall, united with their fellow youth group members from all over the world.
Oshienushisama did not once look away from the youth group members during the procession. His eyes were focused on each and every member as they passed by in review, looking deep into their souls. Having been blessed with this experience, which will be one of their life's treasures, they were shining with the glory of being allowed to be Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group members. Their powerful marching made it clear that participating in this Procession of Light was not their only goal; indeed, it was a new beginning for them.
On November 4, while the excitement was still in people's hearts, we were allowed to join the International Assembly in the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Center, where 1,112 youth group members having the same ambitions gathered from around the world and shared their respective regions' activities. Also, they did marching drills together, to unite their hearts and reconfirming their common goals and renewing their resolutions toward the spiritual reformation of the world and the construction of a heavenly civilization upon the earth.
Those representatives who were allowed to participate in this milestone event at Suza, and even those who were not able to go to Japan, have all been allowed to participate in this major event of the Procession of Light, and all youth group members are now beginning their new endeavors with even greater unity back at home as the North American Region Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group. We ask for your continued guidance and support.
Thank you very much.

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