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For the second year in a row, Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development of North America held environmental awareness activities on October 10, 2010 in conjunction with the climate awareness network. These activities were organized by the youth group and joined and supported by the membership of each of the centers.
All the activities received inquiries from interested members of the public who wanted to attend and learn more about our organization. This is all very significant for Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development to become more widely known in the public. The events were posted on the website, and photos of the events were sent to for the album they are creating to give to the media and policymakers.
Seven NAR centers across the region organized diverse and interesting activities:
1. Eco-Event in Pasadena, CA -- Booths including other environmental organizations in the community such as Tree People; a Light-giving tent; live music; food; children's activities; and eco-exhibits. 63 visitors from the community attended the event! These included the Sheriff of Altadena and a poet laureate from Sunland, California. In addition, many important connections were made with other community organizations, and follow-up collaborations will likely result from this event. For example, the center proposed to be an exhibitor at the fair being held by the local Waldorf School in November. A reporter from came, shot video and did interviews with members, and the resulting video is really terrific. Please check it out at

2. Organic Gardening as a Spiritual Practice in Florida - Exhibits of seed-planting and simple practices anyone can do in their garden, demonstration of giving Light to plants. There was a talk by the youth group coordinator about a talk by the center director on yoko agriculture. Visitors from the community received Light.
3. Eco-Festival in San Francisco -- Exhibits on the positive effects of organic gardening, composting, seed-planting, and garden care incorporating spiritual practices, such as inner attitudes, saying positive words to plants, and giving Light.
4. Forest Cleanup in Cincinnati - A national organization called Pick-Up America will join the members in cleaning an area of the forest across from the center. Light will be offered to purify the cleanup area and to guests.
5. Park Cleanup in Chicago - Going to a park near the center to pick up litter and give purification.
6. Conserving Wetlands in Seattle - The center is joining with the city where they are located for this project on October 10. They have invited several local churches to join the project, too.
7. Eco-Event in Phoenix - Booths on one-pot gardening, solar energy, and other environmental topics. A screening of the film Suzuki Speaks, in which renowned scientist David Suzuki discusses the essences of earth, air, fire, and water as essences of life and what it means to be human in this interconnected universe. A talk on spiritual issues was given by the center director and there was an opportunity for visitors to receive Light. An event organizer spoke to a major chain store which agreed to donate 50 reusable cloth bags to give to participants.
Many centers held their monthly ceremony on October 10, making it a very good day for afternoon environmental activities when so many members had come to the center and could participate. The projects being carried out in collaboration with other like-minded community and national organizations are very significant for Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development to become more widely known in the public
From all the reports we received, it is clear that this was a joyful activity and that all members, especially the youth group, worked hard to represent our organization well. Our regional director, assistant regional directors, youth group doshis, and all staff members thank you very much for your service to bring Sukyo Mahikari to your communities in this important way in third stage of our development.
For the youth group members, these activities were a deeply sincere effort to unite with the will of Su God and the holy masters prior to the Procession of Light and the 40th anniversary of the youth group, begun by Sukuinushisama with the heart to save all humankind through the pioneering efforts of the youth. They will all carry these efforts in their hearts when they harmonize with the Procession of Light on behalf of our centers, and united as a region.

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