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New York Center Joins UN and NYC with a "Climate Week NYC" Program at the Center
On September 22, 2010, the New York Center gave a public talk in the 3rd floor meeting space of the center in affiliation with "Climate Week NYC." "Climate Week NYC" is a global non-profit partnership of the United Nations, the United Nations Foundation, the City of New York, the Carbon Disclosure Project, and The Climate Group, a non-governmental organization (NGO). The insurance company Swiss Re is the founding sponsor of Climate Week NYC, with additional financial support from HSBC Bank and the Dutch
Prayer to Begin
Postcode Lottery, a charitable organization that focuses on supporting organizations that are working to create a more sustainable world.
This is the second annual "Climate Week NYC" week. In 2009 during this week, also held in conjunction with the opening week of the UN session for the year, Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development was invited to an interfaith gathering at the United Nations Chapel, which the New York center director attended, and to a High-Level Consultation of Religious Leaders, organized by the World Conference on Religions for Peace, which the assistant regional director attended.
This year's event was being held only weeks before the 2010 UN Climate Change Conference (COP16) which will take place in Cancun, Mexico, from November 29 to December 10, 2010. "Climate Week NYC" was a week-long series of events that provided a forum for leaders from government and business as well as organizations of all types and individual citizens to study scientific, economic, and social issues related to the climate and discuss policies for the future. A list of all the events that took place throughout New York City during the week can found at
We planned our event to add a spiritual set of issues for people to consider. Our program was entitled "Organic Gardening as a Spiritual Practice." The following is the description of the event that appeared on the "Climate Week NYC" website:
Organic gardening can contribute positively to mitigating climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil. It also can be a practice that helps move people from an objectifying view of nature to a view that puts human beings in alignment with the underlying principles at work in nature. The director of the Center for Spiritual Development in New York will give a presentation on organic gardening as a spiritual practice and provide steps to incorporating spiritual principles into one's practice of gardening.
The main talk was given by the center director, and he was introduced by a member who serves as coordinator for the regional kamikumite scholars group. She presented some of the research and proposals of Dr. Paul Hepperly from his keynote speech at the Yoko Civilization Research Institute symposium at the Hikaru Museum June 26-28.
The event was publicized on the Climate Week NYC website, as well as the website of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. We also invited people from the community who had attended our programs on "green" themes in the past.
We were very happy to put on this program in affiliation with high-level organizations and the United Nations during the opening week of the United Nations new session. Hosting such a program gives us a major opportunity to build our recognition and relationships with the influential people, which we began with the opening event for important people on May 6. (See articles about that event on this website.) In addition, when the attendees came to our center, they were positively affected by its vibration.

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