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Sukyo Mahikari Participates in the "Sounds of 350" Interfaith Environmental Event
The United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Copenhagen, Denmark from December 7-December 18, 2009. Heads of state from all over the globe attended, and while a strong and binding treaty to reduce global carbon dioxide levels was not reached, it was clear that the environmental activities of such groups as had given world leaders notice that people around the world want them to overcome barriers of politics and economics and take action to save our planet's environment now and preserve it for the future.
On December 13, which was the Sunday leading into the final week of negotiations at the climate change conference in Copenhagen, held a "weekend of climate action," Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development acted. The world's communities of faith and spiritual groups were asked to unify in a "sounds of 350" event, by ringing bells, beating drums, and creating any kind of prayerful sounds. Led by the World Council of Churches and their partners, faith leaders who held "Sounds of 350" events included the Archbishop of Canterbury.
In Sukyo Mahikari, our favorite "sound" to make is the Amatsu Norigoto prayer which we recite before and sometimes during giving Light! At 3:45pm on Sunday, December 13, members at the Torrance center offered a prayer for the highest arrangement for our environment, uniting with people of faith from around the world in support of the 350 movement. They offered gratitude for the blessings of the earth, as well as apology for having taken those blessings for granted and for having polluted the earth. And after they offered this prayer, they radiated positive, purifying energy to the planet while reciting the Amatsu Norigoto prayer in all four directions.
At the San Francisco center, immediately following the spiritual development course on Sunday, December 13, brand-new practitioners of Light energy joined all the other members and staff in offering a prayer and then sending the positive power of the spiritually purifying energy of Light in all four directions with the intention for their prayers and the energy to reach around the globe.

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