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Giving Light on Mount Rainier in Washington
For more than 20 years, Seattle members have being going to Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State each year as a center activity.

A little more than 50 miles from Seattle, Mount Rainier sits in the Cascade Mountain Range. At 14,411 feet, Mount Rainier is the tallest volcanic mountain in the United States. The mountain also has the most glaciers of any mountain in the United States outside of Alaska.
Mount Rainier is a holy mountain for Native American Indians, where it is believed that many holy spirits reside. The mountain was known to the Native Americans as Mount Tahoma, which means "mouth of waters."

Mount Rainer is also a sister mountain of Mount Fuji in Japan. It looks very much like Mount Fuji, and is even nicknamed "Tacoma Fuji" by the local Japanese community.
This year, on July 28, a beautiful day, four carloads of members drove three hours from the center to go harmonize with the grand nature. Paradise Point is the end of the road we take for cars, and from there, members hiked around the beautiful mountain. Snow covered the area, and we encountered deer.

Members gave spiritual purification from the mountain, sending Light to the great Northwest. Though it was in July, the middle of the summer
season, everyone was able to walk on snow under a beautiful sunny sky. The activity was carried out in unity, and everyone was able to harmonize and connect with the awesomeness of nature.

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