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We're Starting a Regional Ham Radio Network!
During major disasters, routine forms of communication, such as cell phones, the Internet, and telephone landlines, can quickly become congested or even fail. While many government agencies have access to other forms of communication (satellite phones, priority telephone service, etc.), private citizens and faith-based groups are often left without any means of communicating with each other or with the outside world.
As part of the region's efforts to prepare for emergencies, we are developing a regional citizen radio network that will allow the centers to communicate at a local, regional, and worldwide level if a disaster knocks out regular communications. Although there are many radio services open to the general public, ham radio has proven to be the most successful emergency communications tool when other forms of communications are unavailable. See for an excellent video on how ham radio operators provided a critical public service during Hurricane Katrina.
If you are interested in helping the region develop a radio network or want to learn how to become an amateur radio operator, please send your name and contact information to We have assembled a committed group of members who are available to train other members in person as well as over the Internet. No experience is necessary, and all ages are welcome.

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