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Sukyo Mahikari Courses in Historic Boston and Philadelphia!
Sukyo Mahikari North America has expanded by holding spiritual development courses in the historic and spiritually significant cities of Boston and Philadelphia!
At the beginning of 2009, in a study class for support staff, the center director of the New York Sho Dojo told support staff that members who live far from the center have a special mission to be pioneers in their area and that he dreamed of holding spiritual development courses in at least two locations outside of New York this year. The staff assistants for Boston and southern New Jersey/Philadelphia took this goal to heart and discussed the possibility with members in these areas. The enthusiasm was high. Members in these areas live great distances from the New York Sho Dojo in Manhattan so they had been giving Light and holding open houses for some time; they were ready to work toward the next step by organizing spiritual development courses. These two cities are not only historically very significant cities - birthplaces of the ideals of freedom, liberty, and civic responsibility toward all people - they are also spiritually significant cities and thus expansion here is cause for great joy.
Boston, the capital of the state of Massachusetts, is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Originally home to Native American peoples for at least 7,500 years, the Boston area was settled in the 1600s by Europeans called Puritans who were seeking a new life founded on freedom of religion. By the 1700s, the city became one of the largest and most influential cities of the original 13 colonies of the United States. Later it became known as the Cradle of Liberty for its significant role in the Revolutionary War, including the famous Boston Tea Party, when British tea

was tossed into the waters of Boston Harbor to protest high taxation by the British rulers without representation by the people ("taxation without representation"). During the Revolutionary War, several battles took place in the area, including the Battle of Bunker Hill. During and after the Civil War, Boston also was a strong center for abolition-freedom for slaves.
In 2009, Boston was the site of another "first."The first Boston Sukyo Mahikari spiritual development course was held March 20-22 in front of a member's family Goshintai. The course was supported by members in the greater Boston area as well as members and staff who came from the New York Sho Dojo. There was a lot of Light, and the vibration was bright and positive. Already, a second course is scheduled in Boston September 25-27.

Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania and another major city of the Eastern Seaboard, is also one of the oldest cities in the United States and important to the founding of the United States, so it was spiritually very significant to be able to hold the Sukyo Mahikari spiritual development course there June 26-28, 2009.
The founder of Pennsylvania, in the 1600s, was British citizen William Penn, who was a Quaker. He developed a good and peaceful relationship with the Native Americans in the area, and, because he had been persecuted in Britain for his religious views, his vision was to establish a place to live in the new world where anyone could worship as they wished. He named his city "Philadelphia," which in Greek means "love of one's brother"; Philadelphia is still known as the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia was the largest city in the colonies and had a central location in the original 13 colonies; many of the founding fathers lived and formulated their revolutionary ideas there. Benjamin Franklin was an important figure in Philadelphia's growth into the geographical and cultural center of the original 13 colonies. The city was the seat of many of the ideas that gave birth to the American Revolution, and ultimately was the first capital of the United States. The First Continental Congress was held in Philadelphia before the war, as well as the Second Continental Congress, where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Several battles of the Revolutionary War were fought in and near Philadelphia.
It is not widely known how courageous it was of the US founding fathers to follow through on their commitment to their values and ideals for all people by signing the Declaration of Independence. To do so, they risked great personal peril for themselves and their families.
That courageous and pioneering spirit is still strong in Philadelphia today. Members of Sukyo Mahikari in southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania are serving as pioneers to bring the Light of God to people where they live, and it has borne fruit in being allowed to hold the first spiritual development course in Philadelphia June 26-28.
Six new members took this first course, and many members and staff came to support the course from the New York Sho Dojo. The course was held in the Best Western Independence Park Hotel, built in 1856 in the historic Independence Park area of the city, just steps from the Liberty Bell, the home of Betsy Ross, who sewed the first American flag, and other historic sites. The vibration was bright and positive, and everyone offered service together in great harmony and gratitude.
Members took nothing for granted - they looked out the hotel window at the moment they knew the Goshintai was being brought in to Philadelphia for the course, filled with awe and gratitude that the Goshintai of Su God was allowed to move through their state even for a moment.
All the new members are shining with Light and are working to achieve their dream of establishing centers in their area as soon as possible!

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