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North American Region Celebrates Our 35th Anniversary
The door was opened to the expansion of the Light of God in North America when our region was established in 1974 - How our lives have changed in these 35 years!
To celebrate this major milestone, the Sukyo Mahikari centers of the North American region held a Unified 35th Anniversary Ceremony on August 2, 2009, in every center. Unified prayers of gratitude, apology, and resolution were offered in a large rolling wave, starting with the East Coast centers, moving through the Central Time Zone areas, the Mountain Time Zone areas, to the Pacific Coast centers, and continuing on to Hawaii and the Pacific area centers.


Two wonderful experience stories of the practice of the art of True Light and teachings were sent from regional headquarters by DVD to be shared at each ceremony. Mrs. Alison Lent of Pasadena, California, explained how her humble practice of the divine principles in her workplace allowed her to spread God's Light and teachings there. Mrs. Miyo Barley of Seattle showed how her humble practice of the simple teaching on offering greetings to her husband opened the way to great blessings for her whole family. Everyone was inspired by her practice of offering gratitude to God for all the blessings she received from giving Light by offering all-day service at the center twice a week, never "calling in sick," from the time she was a brand-new member


The acting Oshienushisama graciously sent a warm congratulatory message to the region, which was read at every center. The acting Oshienushisama is asking us in this region to attain great spiritual growth through giving Light and the practice of the ten points. Because the North American region has so much influence throughout the world, he asks us to really have the heart of service and be enthusiastic in giving Light. By doing this, we can indeed achieve "the spiritual renaissance of the North American region." The acting Oshienushisama is reaching out to the members of the North American region to take the 35th anniversary as a positive turning point in our efforts and do even a little bit more for the advancement of the divine plan.


Every center received a video greeting from our regional director on the DVD sent from regional headquarters. He sent his gratitude for the establishment of Sukyo Mahikari in North America and offered an apology on behalf of all of us for the slowness of expansion here, which he believes is the reason for cleansings by physical means, including swine flu. As we prepare for the 50th anniversary of Sukyo Mahikari, our regional director also is urging us all to please take the acting Oshienushisama's message to heart and achieve spiritual elevation to help as many people in the world as possible turn from material-first attitudes and harmonize with the spiritually centered will of God.


In Los Angeles, where our regional director spoke in person, he also talked about the early years of Sukyo Mahikari in North America and recounted some of his personal experiences with Sukuinushisama.

After the ceremony, a special gift of a commemorative handkerchief was given to every ceremony participant. (See photo)
Let us all show our great gratitude to God for the momentous occasion of this 35th anniversary of our region by firmly resolving to become God-centered people. Let everyone see what living with a spiritually oriented lifestyle looks like and what it does for our lives. Many will then wish to spiritually reform themselves, too. It is urgent for us to be pioneers in advancing the spiritual civilization.

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