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Washington DC Members Join "Dancing for Peace" Festival
The Washington DC Sukyo Mahikari sunlight children were invited to participate in a Brahma Kumaris event, "Dancing for Peace: Where There Is Truth, the Soul Dances." The Brahma Kumaris is a group that promotes inner peace and international understanding. The event was held on the National Mall in front of the Capitol, near the Reflecting Pool, on Saturday, June 13, 2009, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sukyo Mahikari was one of several groups that had been asked to speak at the interfaith event. Each interfaith representative brought a message or a prayer of peace from their organization. Mr. Masaaki Kitatani, director of the Washington DC center, provided a message of peace from the Sukyo Mahikari organization.

The Washington Post published an article about the "Dancing for Peace" event, quoting Sister Jenna Mahraj, director of the Brahma Kumaris Metropolitan DC chapter, as saying she hoped that people would realize that:

Peace is not a sitting-down affair.
Rather, it's a quality that we bring
into our actions.
The children danced to "We are the World" and the audience joined in singing and waving their hands; it was a popular song. The sunlight children danced in yellow and white clothes with yellow and white ribbons, supplied by their sunlight family educator Zoy Calamaris. The dance was choreographer by Jan Gomez, our center's Youth Group coordinator.
Additionally, many local dance groups performed in beautiful costumes with lots of pageantry. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful event. Bryant Shortley, another member of the Washington DC support staff, and a Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group member, Zachary Klosko, provided audio for the entire event. They worked behind the scenes to make sure all the equipment was functioning properly.
Two weeks later, some members attended a celebratory dinner at the Bramha Kumaris in McLean, VA. Both events were opportunities to make connections with other faith groups and to share messages of peace and fellowship.

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