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First Media Training Held for Public Relations Coordinators
On Saturday, May 2, an all-day media training session was held at the Los Angeles center. Each participant had been selected to represent their center for any media interview that might be solicited either in or out of the center. The training was prepared and conducted by a media consultant for the Sukyo Mahikari organization in North America.
The consultant suggested how to set up interviews, when that is possible, and how to respond to media questions in a way that would reflect most positively on our organization. Participants were also coached in appropriate attire and make-up as well as understanding the motivation, goals, and techniques of interviewers.
A large portion of the day was devoted to role-playing activities. The consultant, who has over twenty-five years of experience in different aspects of media work, played the part of a television interviewer and each participant took a turn at playing the interviewee. Each participant learned a great deal both as the interviewee and when observing the others.
All who participated felt that this training was a valuable experience. At the end of the day, everyone felt better prepared to engage in any media interview that might be solicited in the future.

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