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Let Us Help You Share Your Spiritual Experiences to Inspire Others!
The journal coordinators from the North American centers attended their annual conference on March 28-29. Ten journal coordinators attended the conference with regional headquarters staff. We discussed how to encourage members to offer their experiences at our centers, how to help members express what is in their hearts about their spiritual experiences.
We also discussed how to promote awareness of the value of subscribing to the Sukyo Mahikari International Journal as a tool for expansion. Assistant Regional Director Roberts transmitted teachings of Sukuinushisama concerning the importance of the Sukyo Mahikari journal to all humankind. He guided us that the journal provides correct translations of the monthly teachings, and allows experiences to be shared among members all over the world. In addition, the coordinators learned that the number of subscriptions at a center directly correlates to the expansion of that center.
Sharing our experiences as members of Sukyo Mahikari is a way to help others become closer to God by describing His arrangements in your life, so we needn't be shy to give our reports, because doing so is a practice of altruistic love.
In addition, the number of experiences offered at a center directly relates to expansion. The experience of one staff member in Japan was read concerning the importance of members writing and sharing their experiences. The staff member was assigned to a relatively small dojo, which had been the same size for some time. Even though many people in his center had been having spiritual experiences, they weren't writing them down or sharing them very much. The staff member resolved to do his best to increase the quality and number of experiences written and submitted in his center, and he encouraged members whenever he heard of a blessing someone had received. When he started, this center was sending only experience a month to world headquarters. But after some time, the number of experience stories reached 100 every month. Then the center was allowed to expand for the first time in many years. This story helped the North American journal coordinators realize just how important writing and submitting experience stories really is.
The North American Regional Headquarters sends all the experiences offered at the centers to Oshienushisama and Odairisama every month. As we could see from the experience of the staff member in Japan, the number of experiences sent each month has a great impact on the expansion of the teachings and Light. You do not have to wait for a big turning point in your life to write an experience. Short reports that tell people about blessings that you are grateful for or realizations you have had through your spiritual practice are very inspiring to others and are very valuable to submit.
If you are having difficulty getting your thoughts down on paper, please don't worry at all. The coordinator in your center will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. Let us do our best to share our wonderful experiences at ceremonies and in this way further glorify the name of God!

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