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Southern California Centers Participate in WorldFest 2009
On May 16, WorldFest 2009 was held in Woodley Avenue Park in Encino, California, about 17 miles north of Los Angeles. WorldFest is a large environmental, animal rights, music, food, and health festival. WorldFest encourages people to discover what they can do for the earth and all of its inhabitants. Its visitors are treated to empowering speakers and educational exhibits. The festival has been around for nine years, attracting 4,000 people last year.

Sukyo Mahikari participated in WorldFest by hosting two booths. Members from the Pasadena, Torrance, and Los Angeles centers once again came together in the spirit of joyful enthusiasm to expand the Light and teachings in southern California. Following our successful participation at the Manhattan Beach Earth Day Festival in April, we repeated the same format as we had created for that event. In one booth we offered Light and demonstrated the one-pot method to promote the importance of organic gardening and the use of positive words. In the other booth, our 4Rs team led an origami workshop promoting the importance of reusing materials such as old newspapers.

About 350 people were able to receive Light at the festival. We also gave many other people information --and hopefully a positive impression--about Sukyo Mahikari.
The origami booth was also a great success, and many young adults as well as youth walked around the festival with the newspaper hats they made at our booth and decorated with colored stickers that had our Sukyo Mahikari website address printed on them.

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