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Giving Light at an Earth Day Festival in Manhattan Beach, California
On April 18, Los Angeles area Sukyo Mahikari members participated in the 2009 Earth Day Festival at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach, California. Members from all three of the southern California centers (Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Torrance) came together to create a warm, inviting space for expanding the Light and teachings.

For the first time, Sukyo Mahikari had two booths at an Earth Day Festival in southern California. In addition, one member entertained the crowd with his environmental music at a sound stage. It was a terrific event! The skies were blue and bright, and many people attended the festival. We estimate that we gave more than 200 people Light, and many more people received information about Sukyo Mahikari.

In one of our two booths, we offered Light and demonstrated the one-pot gardening method and shared the value of organic gardening as a spiritual practice. We gave out about 400 biodegradable pots with organic seeds and organic soil.

In the other booth, our "4Rs team" showed the public the value and beauty of re-using materials through a hands-on demonstration of origami (Japanese paper-folding) using previously used paper. We also displayed panels on various environmental problems and solutions, including how to reduce your junk mail, how to reduce the use of plastic bags, and ways you can use the plastic bags you do get. A local newspaper, The Beach Reporter, included a reference to our origami activity in their paper. The 4Rs booth was a tremendous success, as it not only promoted the 4Rs with the origami activity but also allowed parents to receive Light while their children made origami creations.

Many visitors to our booths were inspired by receiving Light and by our activities. A very special arrangement was revealed when one visitor explained, with tears in her eyes, that her mother and grandmother had been Sukyo Mahikari members in Mexico many years ago. She has been living in America for twelve years and has been looking for Sukyo Mahikari. She found us again at this Earth Day festival after all those years.
She was very excited to rediscover Sukyo Mahikari and says that she would like to become a member soon.

Thank you to all involved in this successful event.

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